Expires: 2019-12-27
Position 1 - $40/Week

Expires: 2019-12-18
Position 2 - $39/Week

Expires: 2019-08-31
Position 3 - $38/Week

Expires: 2019-09-12
Position 4 - $37/Week

Expires: 2019-12-30
Position 5 - $36/Week


Expires: 2019-12-30
Position 6 - $35/Week

Expires: 2019-09-15
Position 7 - $34/Week

Expires: 2019-12-30
Position 8 - $33/Week

Expires: 2019-11-30
Position 9 - $32/Week

Expires: 2019-12-05
Position 10 - $31/Week

Expires: 2019-11-25
Position 11 - $30/Week

Expires: 2019-12-29
Position 12 - $29/Week

Expires: 2019-08-25
Position 13 - $28/Week

Expires: 2019-10-25
Position 14 - $27/Week

Expires: 2019-09-10
Position 15 - $26/Week

Expires: 2019-11-12
Position 16 - $25/Week

Expires: 2019-11-15
Position 17 - $24/Week

Expires: 2019-11-10
Position 18 - $23/Week

PadiSticky Hyips ($15/week)
Expired: 2019-09-01
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Added: Mar 21st, 2015
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Plans: 104-150 After 1 Day,115-350% After 3 Days and more ...

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Last Paid: No Payout


Min Deposit: 10
Max Deposit:
Referral: 4-2-1
Withdrawal: Manual

PerfectMoney Payeer
Investment: $100.00 Payout: 0% User Rating: 0.0 (0 votes) Listed: 1578 days

 Program Description 
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Today in the trade world it seems that the earth orbiting faster. Having good financial future is extremely depent on your todays choices. An investment based on trust could be considered as a smart movement. At we offer forex consulting and managed accounts services from Swiss regulated company. The company provides consulting and asset management in foreign exchange spot market. The company spans overall four business areas: FX Trading Business, FX Asset Management, FX Investment Consulting and FX Technology Solutions. The Swiss corporation has the legal form of GmbH. Corporate headquarters and our offices are near Zurich in Bäch in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. It was founded by three partners who draw on comprehensive experience in the fields of banking technology and finance.perfectpays.coms aim is to provid e full-package solutions in the asset type foreign currencies. Read more:

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