Expires: 2018-06-06
Position 1 - $30/Week

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Position 8 - $27.9/Week

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Position 9 - $27.6/Week

Expires: 2018-07-05
Position 10 - $27.3/Week

Expires: 2018-12-25
Position 11 - $27/Week

Expires: 2018-12-29
Position 12 - $26.7/Week

Expires: 2018-12-25
Position 13 - $26.4/Week

Expires: 2018-12-25
Position 14 - $26.1/Week

Expires: 2018-12-25
Position 15 - $25.8/Week

Expires: 2018-12-30
Position 16 - $25.5/Week

Expires: 2018-09-10
Position 17 - $25.2/Week

Expires: 2018-11-10
Position 18 - $24.9/Week

Expires: 2018-12-12
Position 19 - $24.6/Week

Expires: 2018-11-10
Position 20 - $24.3/Week

Expires: 2018-12-15
Position 21 - $24/Week

Expires: 2018-12-18
Position 22 - $23.7/Week

Expires: 2018-12-22
Position 23 - $23.4/Week

Expires: 2018-12-09
Position 24 - $23.1/Week

Expires: 2018-08-17
Position 25 - $22.8/Week

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Expires: 2018-12-29
Position 39 - $18.6/Week

Added: Nov 27th, 2014
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Mako Ltd

Plans: 2.6 % every day,3.1 % every day,4.0 % every day

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Min Deposit: 10
Max Deposit:
Referral: No
Withdrawal: Manual

PerfectMoney EgoPay Bitcoin Payeer
Investment: $100.00 Payout: 0% User Rating: 0.0 (0 votes) Listed: 1277 days

 Program Description 
Go to: GeniusFunds
If you are here, you have definitely been looking for a stable, secure and easy way to invest money and get substantial returns on it. Whether it is the first day you are interested in investments or you have already searched for a couple of months, we have outstanding news for you - we are what you have been always looking for. Being an on-line investment company founded in 2007, we are currently providing managed Forex account services to our private and corporate investors throughout all-over the world. Briefly speaking of what we do, we can explain you the process of profit generating for you and for the people you refer to us.Read the latest news here. Daily Withdrawals You will get paid every day of the week, 7 days per week. We have multiple operators processing the payouts, which lets us to provide 24/7 withdrawal processing. Unique Platform We are using completely unique script, made by our own team of developers, which allows us to provide the most effective security customization up to date. The system is verified by trusted experts, and currently closed-source. Principal Back Anytime You can request your principal back at anytime, and it will be processed as quick, as every other payment in our system. This will help you to have more automated control over your finances. Themer Theme: DefaultBrownPurple-GrayPurple-WineBlue-GrayGreen ArmyBlack WhiteAlizarin CrimsonAmazonAmberAndroid GreenAntique BrassAntique BronzeArtichokeAtomic TangerineBazaarBistre BrownBittersweetBlueberryBud GreenBurnt Sienna Primary Color:

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